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JoinPD.cpm is a presentation software tool designed specifically for high school teachers. It’s a great resource for creating slide decks and student presentations. A teacher created it to help his students prepare for a presentation. This presentation tool provides many features, including slide transitions, animations, and background music. Presentations can be made using images from online sources and uploaded to the computer’s web server.

What is JoinPD?

We wanted to share PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or Microsoft Word documents online. A simple upload only works for some formats; some files aren’t compatible with each others’ file formats. So, we created a tool that takes the effort out of creating and sharing PowerPoint presentations online. It’s called JoinPD.cpm, and we hope you enjoy using it. The presentation tool allows users to upload images, video, audio, documents, and hyperlinks from their web browser to make a visually compelling presentation. A user can either make a presentation with text alone or include an image and a text presentation.

Why Should You Use JoinPD?

The purpose of JoinPD is to provide teachers and students with a collaborative learning environment to create online presentations using audio or video. JoinPD allows teachers and students to collaborate on creating presentations online. Teachers can upload any media file, such as a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, or create and upload their own media files. The media files are stored in the JoinPD server. Students can access the presentation using a web browser on their computers. They can comment, upload images, and even add hyperlinks. There is also an option for students to view their classmates’ comments.

 How to create a presentation in joinpd.cpm?

This site allows the teacher to create a presentation in minutes and save it for others to view. Once you have created your presentation, you can save it to your computer and share it with your Facebook profile, Twitter account, etc. The presentation can be viewed on any device. You can make slides using the textboxes provided in joinpd. cpm. The slide images are located in the images/slide folder.

What is the purpose of the site?

We’re looking for someone who can help us build a dynamic site with functionality to make it easier for our customers to create a professional quality presentation. JoinPD.cpm is the second part of the website, Here we are looking for someone to create a website that allows teachers and students to make presentations via email or screen using software such as PowerPoint. JoinPD.cpm allows teachers and students to create a presentation using a variety of templates. Students use the site to edit their presentations, and teachers use it to give presentations to their students. Teachers can create templates and embed videos, images, and links into their presentations.

What are the features of the site?

JoinPD.cpm allows users to create and share presentations easily. It is a free online service that makes creating and sharing presentations easy and fun. JoinPD.cpm is built with a simple and beautiful interface, allowing users to focus on making presentations rather than spending time building pages. JoinPD.cpm has robust features, including presentation styles; slide transitions; preloaded templates; an animated presenter avatar; and many more. JoinPD.cpm is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add content to any page on your website. With JoinPD.cpm, you can add custom content to pages in minutes. The power of this plugin is that you can easily change the look of pages without editing the HTML code. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can change the layout of your site, including text color, font size, background color, page background image, and more.


The site allows users to post videos, images, texts, audio, etc. They can use the site as a classroom tool, allowing teachers to deliver lectures online. Students can make presentations, which are hosted on the site. Teachers and students can comment on each other’s presentations. There is also a forum where students can interact with their classmates and teachers. The site allows for both free and paid membership, allowing users to use all the site features. The site also has a Facebook page for additional interaction. JoinPD.cpm provides the tools to build an interactive presentation platform, allowing users to create and deliver an effective presentation.


1. How do I use

Go to

2. How do I create my presentation?

Once on the site, you can create your presentation by selecting the “Create” button.

3. How do I publish my presentation?

After you have created your presentation, click on the “Publish” button.

4. How do I share my presentation?

Click on the “Share” button.

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