GitHub CEO Nat Friedman is stepping down on November 15; Thomas Dohmke, who became chief product officer in August, will take over as CEO (Frederic Lardinois/TechCrunch)

GitHub is a platform where people can share code and collaborate on open-source projects. While GitHub’s growth has been astronomical, its CEO and co-founder Nat Friedman announced his retirement on Tuesday, September 12. But he isn’t going anywhere yet. He’ll stay on as a board member, and his last day will be November 15, at least for now. That means GitHub’s product chief, Thomas Dohmke, will become the company’s CEO. Dohmke’s LinkedIn profile says he has already taken up that position, and his new title will officially be “CEO.”

Nat Friedman’s Resignation: Why He’s Stepping Down?

“I have decided to step down as CEO of Square,” Friedman wrote in a letter to employees. “Our founders have always driven square’s success and growth. With only four employees and no external funding, I have become an impediment to the company’s growth and have concluded that the company’s future requires new leadership.

Thomas Dohmke: Why He Was Chosen to Lead GitHub?

Dohmke said that while working on his MBA at the University of Texas at Austin, he had the opportunity to spend time with a company called Github, an online developer tool created by Chris Wanstrath. He saw that Github was growing rapidly and decided to pursue the position of CEO. While working at Facebook, Dohmke had to deal with several challenges — ranging from figuring out how to make the experience of working at Facebook more social to the technical challenge of building Facebook’s mobile apps. So when GitHub was looking for someone to take on the role of CEO, Dohmke was their natural choice. “I’ve always loved being part of the open source community and I saw a chance to make it even better,” he said in an interview. “That’s why I applied to GitHub.”GitHub CEO Nat Friedman is stepping down on November 15

Thomas Dohmke: How He’ll Lead GitHub?

Thomas is going to lead GitHub by making sure that everything is working as it should be. He wants to do that by ensuring everyone is having fun and making good software while maintaining the culture. He sees himself as an evangelist and a coach. He aims to “make GitHub the place people want to work.” What makes a leader great is how he leads. If you think about people who excel in a leadership role in business, the most obvious quality they possess is charisma. It’s the same thing with leadership in a social setting. Someone with charisma has presence and gravitas, exudes an aura of confidence, and can command their peers’ attention and respect. The best leaders are charismatic because they can inspire followers, build teams, and get things done. 


In conclusion, we wish Nat all the best as he starts his next adventure in life, and we are excited to see what the future has in store for him. We’re confident that the right leadership will take GitHub forward and that you, our community of amazing creators, will continue to build and grow. We’re here to help you create the next generation of the Internet. That means helping you build apps and websites. It means helping you create awesome products. It means helping you share your passion. We’re here to help you build amazing things, no matter where you are. And we will always have an open door. Our doors are always open to you. We’re happy to have you here and hope you stick around for the next chapter in our story.


1. Who is Thomas Dohmke?

He was previously the head of product at Dropbox, where he built the team that launched the company’s online storage service.

2. Why did Nat Friedman step down?

Friedman said the decision was “a natural one” after five years of running GitHub, which has more than 25 million users.

3. Is there a new CEO?

Yes. Thomas Dohmke will become CEO in November

4. What will happen to GitHub?

The company’s board of directors has hired a search firm to find a replacement.

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