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In addition to the game, teachers can use JoinBlocket ( to host a classroom chat on their class wiki page. Students can join the chat during class or after school hours and engage in a live Q&A with their peers. Teachers can use this tool to conduct quizzes, ask follow-up questions, and share video clips from class, all while getting immediate feedback.

Why should you use a join blooket?

It is a game designed to be played in groups. The purpose of a join blooket is to keep kids from being bored and disengaged during a lecture or presentation. Kids love to watch videos together, but the videos are often shorter. A blooket keeps the attention of the whole group. It’s a great activity for any subject area, from math to history to science to literature.

How does a join blooket work?

It is a web-based application where students can play a boomerang game together in real time using an iPad, tablet, or laptop. Teachers host a game in a classroom or a gymnasium and invite students to join. During the game, players can see how many other students are playing. The teacher sets the rules of the game and how long it lasts. Students compete against each other on their devices and try to hit the blooms on the screen. When they are successful, they receive points. The teacher then records the scores of all the players in the class at the end of the game.

What are the pros and cons of a joint blooket?

JoinBlocket (available for Android and iOS) is an educational gaming platform that allows teachers to create gameplay with students on their mobile devices. Students can earn points and level up like in any other mobile game, but their points don’t go toward a leaderboard or competition with other students but toward earning badges. These badges can be earned by completing assignments, reading a certain number of pages, or playing a specific number of games.

How do students join Blooket?

Blooket ( is a collaborative learning platform. Teachers, parents, and students can create games to help kids learn new skills and help each other understand concepts. Each game is a social activity where everyone can join in and play together, compete and learn together, and build communities. Students, teachers, and parents use the same Blooket application to collaborate and connect through games. Blooket is a free tool that is used by schools across the US and around the world. The student-to-teacher ratio is the same as classroom instruction. Teachers host the games and set up the rules. Students can log on to Blooket anytime and participate whenever they have Internet access. They can earn prizes for playing games, completing challenges, and referring friends.


JoinBlocket is a game-based social network that allows anyone to play games, earn rewards, and connect with other players. JoinBlocket has three types of games: Join Blocket, Pusher, and Gamification. In Join Blocket games, players create a profile, customize a user avatar, create a room, share their room link, and compete against other players. Users earn points by playing games, sharing content, and completing challenges. Points can be redeemed for prizes. Players use a push technology, Pusher, which enables players to send invitations; invitations are automatically sent out based on who is in a player’s friend list. A Gamification game is designed to encourage users to perform an activity repeatedly, for example, by playing a game, earning points or and sharing content. Users earn points and badges when they complete challenges in Pusher games, which can be redeemed for prizes. JoinBlocket uses the same technology behind the


1. What is a blooket?

A blooket is a website designed to join and connect people with common interests.

2. How can I use it?

You can use a join blooket for many things. You can find a date, you can meet new friends, you can make money, and you can sell things.

3. How do I join blooket?

You can use blooket by visiting the website and signing up.

4. What should I look for when I join blooket?

When joining blooket, you should examine the rules and regulations.

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