The guy corner nyc guys stuff tech sports food, drinks more.

You’re a man. You love sports, tech, food, drinks, cars, fashion, culture, travel, and women. You’re in the right place. This site is about everything for men. It’s a lifestyle website with something for everyone. From fashion to tech to sports to food to drinks, this is the ultimate source for the modern man. And it’s a one-stop shop for everything else you love. This is the ultimate lifestyle site for the modern man. With a focus on lifestyle, the Men’s Corner NYC is the perfect place to discover new things and stay updated on the latest trends. Whether you want to learn more about your favorite sport, see the hottest tech gadgets, or shop for the perfect pair of jeans, you’ll find all the info you need on our site. We aim to help you live a fuller life and enjoy every moment. So drop by anytime. We’ll be waiting.

What Is The Guy Corner NYC?

Guy Corner NYC is a special place for guys who enjoy a more refined lifestyle. The place to go if you like sports, beer, food, tech, or fashion—all in one place. This blog is about helping guys discover new places to go and new things to do in NYC, whether you’re looking for a new hot spot for happy hour, a fun date night, or a place to buy your next laptop. Guy Corner NYC offers the most comprehensive guide to New York City’s hottest places for gents, from sports bars to expensive restaurants to trendy nightclubs, as well as reviews, articles, podcasts, guides, and other helpful resources.

  Why is The Guy Corner NYC Awesome?

The Guy Corner NYC offers various activities, including but not limited to fashion, sports, food, drink, culture, travel, technology, gadgets, health, fitness, beauty and grooming, pets, fashion and style, money, dating, relationships, and more. The Guy Corner NYC is at New York’s Madison Square Park. The guy corner at Barneys in New York City features men who dress and act exactly like the typical hipster but who sell things very differently than the typical hipster. Instead of selling expensive designer clothing, the guys sell stuff that’s cheap, practical, and functional (i.e., beer). They market products like Tervis Tumblers, $3 Nespresso pods, and inexpensive coffee and wine for $2.99. They’re only really into selling stuff—and that’s exactly what they’ve been trained to do.

How the guy corner nyc guys stuff tech sports food, drinks more?

The Guy Corner NYC is a curated blog that provides quality content on the topics that matter to you. The topics range from tech to food, sports, drinks, and everything else. They also have an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can join The Guy Corner for as little as $3.95 monthly. You can start with a free 30-day trial period if you’re new to the site. The Guy Corner NYC is a free lifestyle magazine available exclusively on Google Play (iOS coming soon). They are the only media company devoted to providing a male perspective on fashion, food, drink, travel, tech, and sports. Our mission is simple – to inspire a new generation of men to embrace the best aspects of their masculine nature. We want to give them a place to enjoy all they love in life without worrying about what others think.


At some point, The guy corner nyc guys stuff tech sports food, drinks more. someone decided to take the original New York Knicks logo and modify it to read “The Guy Corner.” The Guy Corner, which appeared on team jerseys in the late 1970s, was created by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. The company didn’t have a slogan or brand identity for the team at the time, but they did have an idea that fits the team name and a desire to connect with a particular group of consumers. So, they modified a famous New York sports icon and made it their own.


1. What’s the best thing to do in New York City?

The best thing to do in New York City is to visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square.

2. Where can I find good food in NYC?

The best food in New York City is at the restaurants on the Upper East Side, the Lower East Side, the West Village, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village.

3. Where can I find good shopping in NYC?

The best shopping in New York City is on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue.

4. What’s the best place to drink in NYC?

The best place to drink in New York City is at the bars on the Upper East Side, the Lower East Side, the West Village, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village.

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